Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

This past May, we bade farewell to our beloved dog Samwise, aka Sam. I have been putting off this post for, well, a very long time now. But it is time to memorialize this sweet creature. These are some of my favorite Sam moments.

I truly think she felt responsible for the safety of everyone in our house. Here she is on the day we moved in, already on alert.

When she was taking a rare break from guard duty, she was a pro at snuggling into blankets. This grey blanket was amongst her favorites.

That dog was serious about her comfort. I swear there’s a dog in this photo.

My wife developed a bizarre game with Sam where she would lay on her back, wait for you to touch her paws, and then gently growl at you. Strange but true.

Her favorite game though was tug-of-war, but in all our time together I never managed one decent photo of it. Chewing on bones was a close runner-up.

She was inseparable from her brother Frodo when he was with us. They were together since birth and were a package deal from Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue.

However, it was clear that Sam was the more dominant of the pair.

My favorite video of the two. You can see Sam’s independence at work here – while she was immensely fond of us, “come” was never very high on her list of priorities (unlike her brother)

I would have loved more time with her, but our eight years with Sam were a gift. So many more moments than I can capture here. I miss you so much, Sammo. I’m glad life brought us together.

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” -Will Rogers

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