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Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Two weeks ago our dog Frodo passed away. It is a wound I still carry with me. While he will never return, by sharing his memory he is never completely gone either. These are some of my favorite Frodo moments.

Frodo loved humans intensely and indiscriminately. Sit still for a moment and Frodo was likely to plop against you with violent force. Virtually everyone loved him right back immediately. Our youngest niece particularly adored him.

Frodo dressed up as Frodo for Halloween. He was a tremendously good sport about it.

Frodo and his sister Sam were inseparable. We bought multiple dog beds - they usually went to waste as the dogs would rather be near one another whenever possible.

Seriously, they were inseparable.

This is one of their first car trips after we adopted them from Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue. It would take Sam awhile to adapt to a new home with new people, but Frodo was loving and welcoming from day one.

Anytime I was on video conference at home, as I was in this photo, Frodo was very likely just out of the camera. Apologies if you saw his ears or heard his snoring.

This is how I will always remember Frodo. For him, “come” was an easy command. “Stay” was the challenge - it meant being far from Allison and me.

I miss you so much, buddy. I am glad to have had the time together that we did. I am all the better for it.

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