SWSheets - Out of Beta!

Thursday, June 4th, 2015
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I’m happy to announce that has officially left Beta. No terribly serious issues were found by the first round users. The most severe were that I totally forgot about the Medicine skill and that I had an ordering issue with large sets of talents or attacks on a character.

I was really happy to see the enthusiastic reception from users on both the FFG forums and the SWRPG subreddit. They’ve been super helpful in ironing out the issues on the site as well as determining the next steps.

Over the weekend I’ll be putting together the list of features for the next release (codenamed “Mynock”). This is your last chance to weigh in on the SWSheets issues page for what matters to you.

Changelog from this last milestone:

  • Eight bugfixes including password reset issues, display issues when rendering errors, and some HTML bugs.
  • Reworked the Character URLs (sorry for breaking all the existing ones, figured it was better to do that sooner than later)
  • Split the “Gear” field into three breakouts in keeping with the original EotE charsheet.
  • Added author profile pages and a thanks page for the volunteers who have helped thus far.

The full list of changes from the Beta period is here.

Beta Statistics:

  • 84 users
  • 29 users who have created at least one character (this was surprising, figured it would be lower)
  • 34 total characters
  • 1 character deleted for inappropriate content (also surprising, figured it would be higher!)

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